03-22-2021 Discussion Questions

Topic:  Examining theories on Jesus’ return from the dead like a detective

Discussing material from the book Alive by J. Warner Wallace

Discussion Questions:

  1. Were Jesus’ followers fooled by an imposter?  Were they influenced by the testimony of one or two witnesses?  Put these theories to the test.  Are these theories complete or incomplete, and why?
  2. What would it take for someone to be able to impersonate you to your friends and family?  What about Jesus?
  3. Some of the theories we’ve discussed require that we can trust the eyewitness testimony included in the Bible.  You may not currently feel comfortable trusting their reports.  How could you investigate the authors of the New Testament to see if their writings are trustworthy?
  4. The books of the New Testament contain many details on Jesus’ life and death.  Discuss the issue of continuity.  Wallace suggests that the New Testament authors generally agree on the facts, even though sometimes they have a different focus or perspective on the same events.  Compare this to the continuity of a movie series or comic book series with multiple authors.
  5. If you were a detective interviewing witnesses to a crime, would you expect all of the witnesses to have the exact same story without any factual errors?  What kind of errors could you expect that would not cause you to doubt the truthfulness of the witnesses?