Newsletter February 2021

Hi everyone!  I have a few quick updates this month from brewery church.

New podcast project
We’ve almost finished planning a new podcast series that will debut this Spring.  I’m selecting a few people to discuss each episode of a TV show called The Chosen in a “roundtable” discussion format.  The show tells the story of Jesus’ life in the form of a drama.  Several of you recommended the show so I recently started watching it.  I’ve found it very interesting so far.

For the podcast series, I’m planning to watch and discuss each episode of season 1 with a few people who don’t have a church background.  I thought it would be really interesting to see what they think of the story.  Will they find it meaningful?  What will someone who doesn’t come from a religious background see in the story?  Because I am selecting people who hold different beliefs than me, I’m going to ask them to discuss the story behind each episode in the same way they would discuss a movie.

In my free time I enjoy listening to roundtable movie reviews, so I’ll be modeling this podcast series after one movie review podcast that I regularly listen to.  We’ll have some fun examining the plot and talk about what impacted us from the story.  Since there are 8 episodes in season 1 of The Chosen, I’m planning to record 8 podcast episodes with the same crew.  If this experiment is meaningful, I may put together another crew to watch and discuss Season 2 when it is released.

If you’d like to watch the show and follow along with us, I’ll release a schedule once my podcast crew starts watching.  I have several people interested and am hoping to finalize the schedule by the end of February.  My goal is to release one podcast every other week until we complete the series.  You can watch The Chosen for free on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Android TV and The Chosen mobile app (available in most app stores).

Updates from group:
Our February 1st meeting had 6 new visitors.  I was excited to see some new faces and our network continues to grow.  We spent the last few weeks discussing stories about Jesus from Mark Chapter 6 and discussing what faith is.  Is faith intended to be blind or is there something more to it?  We had some great conversation on this subject.  The best definition I’ve found for faith comes from Cold Case Christianity, and it is this; trusting what can’t be seen based on what has been seen.  Whenever I suggest that there is evidence behind Christianity, this is often a brand new and intriguing concept to someone in the group.

Weather is a bit of an issue this month.  We did have to cancel our meeting tonight due to snow and severe temperatures.  At one point, the low for tonight was forecasted to be -15 degrees, and we’ve had at least 5 inches of snow in the last 24 hours.  Next week should be warmer though and we’ll be back to our regular meeting schedule.

Our friends in Manhattan are launching their own brewery discussion group in the first week of March.  I’m sure they’d appreciate your prayers!  It’s being started by a church called The Well and we’re excited to see how they do.  I’m also glad to have some other groups in our network to bounce ideas off of and help us problem-solve.  I’ll be back next month with more updates!  Thanks for reading!


The Brewery Ministries Team