Newsletter January 2021

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Years!  Brewery Church took a week off in between Christmas and New Years, but we’re back at it now.  We actually held a fun experiment this past Monday; trivia night!

We had several goals for trivia night.  First, we wanted to have some fun and provide an activity that would help people build relationships with each other.  Second, once COVID settles down, we’d like to hold regular game nights because they provide people with a casual night to invite friends to.  Third, trivia is actually a good way to learn.

We came up with three categories for trivia night.  Category 1 contained fun spiritual pop-culture questions. For instance, did you know there’s a religion based on the Matrix movies called Matrixism?  It’s pretty small with only 1,600 members, but it’s an interesting factoid.  How about this question?  True or False: Kanye West recorded a Christian album titled Jesus Is King (Answer: True!).   Or what religion does the superhero Daredevil identify with?  Answer:  Catholicism.

Category 2 had a spiritual purpose.  We used a quiz from the publishing company that produced Logos Bible Software.  Some of the questions were tricky.  For example, according to the Bible, who rules the world?  A. God, B. Satan, C. Humanity, or D. All of the above?  The answer is actually D. All of the above.  According to Logos, they’re all true in different ways.

After giving each answer, I read a short summary provided by the quiz so we would learn a little as we went through the questions.  The point of this section was not to see who had the most Bible knowledge.  Instead, I pitched this section of trivia night as a chance to find something we might want to learn more about later this year.  It was also a way to encourage people to do some research on their own.

Category 3 was another fun category.  It was called “The Bible, or Lord of the Rings?”  We read quotes and then asked people to answer whether or not they thought that quote came from the Bible or Lord of the Rings.  It was tough.  One of my favorite quotes was this one:  “Be not too eager to deal out death in the name of justice, fearing for your own safety.  Even the wise cannot see all ends.”  Can you guess what it’s from?  I’ll put the answer at the very bottom of this newsletter!

For prizes, whoever won each category got to pick out one can of craft beer from the brewery’s beer fridge.  Here are some pictures we took of our winners:


Next week we’ll be back to our usual discussion format.  We’ve been slowly going through the book of Mark focusing on who Jesus is and what he was like.  We’re also almost done planning our next big online project, so stay tuned!

And about that quote earlier… It was from Lord of the Rings!


Brewery Ministries