Pre-Launch Newsletter – March 2020

Hi everyone!  It’s almost here.  The Church In A Brewery public launch is only 2 weeks away!  We want to thank everyone for helping us make this happen!  We have a few quick pre-launch updates for you, as well as a video of our 2020 Vision Dinner presentation at the bottom of this page.

Our launch night is Monday, March 23 at 7:30 PM inside Augustino Brewing (Wichita, KS).  After that, we’ll be meeting there every Monday night.  We really don’t know what to expect on launch night, but interest in what we’re doing has been strong.  Here’s what we’ve been doing to get the word out:

  • We’ve been using Facebook Ads to promote Church In A Brewery’s weekly meeting.  Currently, over 130 people have RSVP’d on Facebook that they’re interested in attending in just two weeks.  The ad will continue to run for two more weeks.
  • We created a video ad for social media (made by Dana!)
  • We handed out 400+ mini flyers to people from various churches, asking them to give the flyers to people they know who don’t go to church.
  • The owner of the brewery has contacted his friends in the local media on our behalf.
  • We’ve posted flyers at Augustino Brewing and the Wichita public library
  • Word-of-mouth has been positive and has garnered quite a bit of interest as well.

Our concept seems to be popular with the people we were hoping to reach, which is a great sign.  We’ve had to come up with a backup plan in case our meeting room is too small, which is a good problem to have.  We’ve also drawn a fair share of criticism from some for choosing to meet in a brewery, but we’ve also received a lot of support.  Asbury Church has been overwhelmingly supportive throughout this process, providing guidance, encouragement, resources and volunteers.  We’re very thankful to have been able to get connected with them along, with a number of individuals who have helped us reach this point.

Brewery Ministries 2020 Vision Dinner

First off, we want to say a HUGE thank you to the volunteers who made our 2020 Vision Dinner possible.  Here’s a picture of some of the people who worked behind-the-scenes:

Our Vision Dinner volunteers (left to right): Mary Jo Fraipont, Connie and Kate Green.

The volunteers pictured above are some of our friends from Asbury Church, where we held our Vision Dinner.  They set up the room, served food from Angry Elephant BBQ, and Mary Jo helped organize the dinner. I also owe a big thanks to my teammates, who worked very hard behind the scenes!  Jason worked hard on his presentation about getting involved with our organization, Dana helped organize and film videos, and Heath has been busy setting up our Google non-profit tools.

At the Vision Dinner we shared many details about our mission including:

  • Why we started Church In A Brewery
  • Who we’re reaching and why they need to be reached
  • What Church In A Brewery will look like
  • Our long-term vision
  • 5 Ways You Can Be Involved

If you weren’t able to attend, our teammate Dana Moyer put together an outstanding video of the evening to help make you feel like you were actually there.  It will help you understand our vision and see how you are making an impact as a supporter of Brewery Ministries.  Check it out below!  It runs a little over an hour, but it’s the best way to get an insider’s view of what’s happening as we gear up for the launch.

There is also an audio-only version that you can stream or download by clicking here.  It’s a good option if you’re busy (like us) and need to listen on-the-go.  You might not be able to hear the questions during the Q&A session at the end, but you should still be able to get the gist.

We’ll be back with more updates after the launch!  Thank you so much for helping to make this happen.


Brewery Ministries, Inc.