Church in a Brewery 11-23-2020:  Do we really have a soul?


Law of Identity:  A = A (This equation is used to determine whether or not two things are the same or if they are different things)


Comparing the brain to the mind:  Brain = Mind                    Does A = A?


BRAIN (BODY)                                                              =                                     MIND (SOUL)? 

Can Be Publicly Observed (Known)                             Can Only Be Privately Observed (Known)

Described in the Third Person                                           Described in the First Person

Requires Parts for Identity                                                   Not Dependent on Parts for Identity

Measured with Tools                                                                  Immeasurable with Tools

Is An Independent Physical Entity                                Is A Dependent Mental Entity

Responsive Only to Event Causation                          Able to Act Freely as a Causation Agent

Discussion Questions:

  1. Use the Law of Identity equation (A = A) to determine whether or not the brain and the mind are the same thing.  What do you think?  Are the brain and the mind the same thing or are they different things?

2. Regarding the existence of the soul, do you find this body of evidence convincing?  Why or why not?

3. If our identity is our brain as opposed to a soul, what impact would it have on your identity?

4. If our identity is a soul as opposed to only a physical brain, how would that impact your identity?