Church In A Brewery Week 4 – Evidence for God’s Existence Part 2

Discussion Questions:

  1. What do you see in our world that the “cause” of the universe is responsible for? 
  2. Discuss each possible “cause” of the universe.  What are the limitations of each suspect, if any?
    1. List of potential causes of the universe:
      1. The universe itself
      2. An intelligent creator (such as God)
      3. Aliens
      4. Matter, energy, time (universe is random, no intelligent source required)
  1.   Narrow down your list of suspects.  Which suspects can best account for everything we         see in our world?  
  2. What are your unanswered questions on this subject?


Additional reading:

Article on the organization of the simplest cell:

Book:  God’s Crime Scene by J. Warner Wallace