Beer & Spirituality

The Beer & Spirituality Discussion Group:  This group meets every Monday evening in Wichita, KS.  This group explores teachings of Jesus, philosophy and spiritual themes in movies.  Yup, that’s right… we think you can even see God’s fingerprints in movies like The Matrix, Batman and The Avengers.

Who’s it for?  This isn’t your typical faith exploration group; we want people who are skeptical, agnostic and non-religious to be comfortable exploring Jesus here without judgment.  We strive to create a community where people can comfortably share what they’re truly thinking and wrestling with.  Rather than worry about who’s right or wrong, let’s just keep learning; we trust that God is speaking to all of us.  We are focused on learning who God is together over craft beer and conversation.

What’s it like?  When you arrive, order a drink and grab a table.  Bring a friend to discuss with or join another table.  We’ll say hi to everyone and pass out a few discussion questions for you to discuss at your table.  Sometimes at the end of the evening we ask if any of the tables want to share a few thoughts, but there’s never any pressure to share.  Then we hang out until the bar closes.  No sermon, no singing (whew!)

When:  Monday evenings 7:30 – 9 PM.

Where:  Augustino Brewing.  756 N. Tyler Rd.  Wichita, KS 67212