Beer & Spirituality

Are you looking for connection with others who want to grow spiritually but don’t feel like a traditional church setting is for you? Come grab pizza & beer with us (or whatever suits your fancy)! We discuss God together in a more casual space. Dive into your questions with peers. Everyone needs a seat at the table.  Whether you’ve never explored faith before or simply want to try something new, meet us at the brewery for good conversation and brews!

When?  Every Tuesday 7-9 PM

Where?  The Depot Pizza & Taps in downtown Wichita, located at 711 E Douglas Ste 105, Wichita, KS 67202

How to find us:  We’ll grab a few tables somewhere. Ask a server where we’re sitting if you don’t see us!

Tuesday drink specials: $3 select craft beers.  Sandwiches, wings and more are also available for purchase.

Note: Holiday schedule may vary. Check our Facebook or Instagram page @breweryministries for holiday schedule updates.

About This Group:

What’s it like?  It’s meant to feel like a regular trip to the brewery with friends, only the subject of conversation is spiritual.  When you arrive, order a drink and grab a table.  Bring a friend to discuss with or join another table.  We catch up a bit, then pass out a few discussion questions to help get the conversation rolling.  Then we hang out until the bar closes.  No sermon, no singing (whew!)

Topics we’ve discussed:

  • Does God exist?
  • Ghost stories in the Bible!
  • Jesus felt anxiety too: What the Bible really says about anxiety and depression
  • Did Jesus drink alcohol?
  • Hidden symbolism in the Genesis Creation story
  • Making sense of the Old Testament
  • What is our purpose?
  • The most misunderstood verses in the Bible
  • Lost in translation: Secrets from the Bible’s original language

Who’s it for?  This isn’t your typical faith exploration group; we want people who are skeptical, agnostic and non-religious to be comfortable exploring Jesus here without judgment.  We pass out a few discussion questions as a loose guide.  Our group strives to create a community where people can comfortably share what they’re truly thinking and wrestling with.  Rather than worrying about who is right and who is wrong, we trust that God is speaking to all of us.  Our collaborative approach encourages us to continue exploring and learning together as peers.  Grab a beer with us at the brewery Tuesday!