About Brewery Ministries

Brewery Ministries focuses on creating innovative, alternative ways to explore faith.  We are passionate about creating places where those who are skeptical and identify as non-religious can comfortably investigate Jesus.  Many people are often interested in exploring who Jesus is but a church service may not appeal to them.  Others simply want a more casual discussion-based setting to explore in.  We aim to help meet these needs.  We want others to feel they can be open and honest with questions and doubts without fear of judgment; we believe God speaks to all of us and trust that each person is doing their best to find truth.

We look at the original New Testament church model and try to adapt it for today; people coming together over food and drink to discuss faith and support each other.  In addition to hosting discussion groups, we develop and produce resources so you can easily host your own spiritual discussion group in your home, at a restaurant, coffee shop or brewery.

Discussion Groups:

Beer & Spirituality:

This group explores teachings of Jesus, philosophy and spiritual themes in movies at a local brewery.  The group meets every Tuesday evening in Wichita, KS at 7 PM.  We’ll be meeting upstairs at The Pour House in downtown Wichita starting November 30th, 2021.  711 E. Douglas Ave.  Wichita, KS 67202.

Holiday notes: There will be no meeting on December 28th.

Online Zoom Discussion Group: 

This group focuses on discussing who Jesus is according to scripture.  Meets every Sunday evening at 8 PM Central Time.  Click here for more info.


Our Approach:  We encourage open sharing, allowing others to discuss different views and doubts together regardless of what they believe.  Not sure about the Bible?  No worries here.  People from many backgrounds join our groups including Christians, agnostics and those who consider themselves non-religious.  While our team is committed to learning to understand what Jesus taught, we think it’s important to let each person to come to their own conclusions.  Our groups take a collaborative approach rather

than a teacher/student approach.  This isn’t “church” as we think of it today.  There’s no singing or sermon.  We believe God speaks to everyone and simply want to create groups that help others continue exploring freely through open discussion.  At the same time, our discussion questions aim to help people explore the context and historical background so we can each learn to understand what the Biblical writers were trying to tell us about God.

Start Your Own Discussion:

We’ve started releasing our discussion questions for other groups and individuals to use.  If you’ve always wanted to have spiritual conversations with others but don’t feel like you have enough knowledge or skills, you’re in luck.  Our discussion guides are designed to enable anyone to start a group; you don’t have to be a pastor or trained teacher.  Simply print off the discussion questions and get some friends together at your house, a restaurant, brewery or church.  The discussion guides contain all of the background info and context you’ll need for conversation.  No presentation or public speaking required (whew!).  Click here to check out our discussion questions and start your own spiritual conversations.


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