Investigate Jesus At A Brewery


Grab A Beer With Us!

Want to grab a beer and investigate Jesus at a brewery?  Join us for Beer And Spirituality!  Every Tuesday we meet at The Pour House in downtown Wichita.  We catch up, order a beer and food, then investigate a passage of scripture about Jesus.  We puzzle over what the story means together, discuss metaphors and context.  It’s not like church; there’s no sermon or music.  Just discussion!  Skeptical?  Not-religious?  All viewpoints are welcome.

  The Pour House.  711 E. Douglas Ave.  Wichita, KS 67202.   Meet in the upstairs room.
When:  Every Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 PM
Ask a server where we’re seated if you don’t see us.

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Holiday notes: There will be no meeting on December 27th.

Beer & Spirituality at The Pour House

Not local?  Join our Zoom Group!

This group meets online over Zoom to discuss how Jesus is depicted in scripture.  Grab your favorite craft beer, hop online and join the conversation!

Where:  Online via Zoom
Sundays at 8 PM Central Time

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Jason and Dana, Zoom group facilitators

About Brewery Ministries

We focus on creating innovative, alternative ways to explore faith.  We are passionate about creating places where those who are skeptical and identify as non-religious can comfortably investigate Jesus.  Many people are often interested in exploring who Jesus is but a church service may not appeal to them.  Others simply want a more casual discussion-based setting to explore in.  We aim to help meet these needs.  We want others to feel they can be open and honest with questions and doubts without fear of judgment; we believe God speaks to all of us and trust that each person is doing their best to find truth.

Our Approach:  We wanted to create a casual way for you to explore scripture by talking about it.  One of the keys to understanding the Bible is cultural and historical context.  We just bring it up and then let you talk about it; no presentation or sermon.  You get to make up your own mind; we just provide the context and background to help you see what the original writers of scripture were trying to say.  To help with this, we use a sheet called a discussion guide.  You’ll get to discuss it at your own pace with others over craft beer and food.  This approach allows for different perspectives and backgrounds, whether you know the Bible or not.

We look at the original New Testament church model and try to adapt it for today; people coming together over food and drink to discuss faith and support each other.  In addition to hosting discussion groups, we share our discussion guides on our website so you can easily host your own spiritual discussion group in your home, at a restaurant, coffee shop or brewery.  See the “Free Discussion Guides” tab on the menu if you’d like to use them to host your own group.

Start Your Own Discussion Group:

We’ve started releasing our discussion questions for other groups and individuals to use.  They’re 100% free!  If you’ve always wanted to have spiritual conversations with others but don’t feel like you have enough knowledge or skills, you’re in luck.  Our discussion guides are designed to enable anyone to start a group; you don’t need to do any prep work and no speaking skills are required.  The discussion guides will do all of the work.  Simply print off the discussion questions and get some friends together at your house, a restaurant, brewery or church.  The discussion guides contain all of the background info and context you’ll need for conversation.  Click here to view, download or print the discussion guides.

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