Beer. Jesus. Relationships.

Join us for Beer & Spirituality, a discussion group at a brewery!   Our mission is to create new, safe spaces for others to connect with God and explore their questions.  Every Tuesday we meet at a local brewery in downtown Wichita.  We catch up, order food and drinks, discuss questions about a passage of scripture and try to figure out what it means.  Here, you can ask any question on your mind.  Skeptical or non-religious?  We hope you’ll find friends here.  Our mission is to help create the perfect place for you to explore at your own pace.  Select craft beers are on sale for $3.

When?  Every Tuesday from 7-9 PM

Where?  The Depot Pizza & Taps in downtown Wichita, located at 711 E Douglas #105, Wichita, KS 67202

How to find us:  We’ll grab a few tables somewhere. Ask a server where we’re sitting if you don’t see us!

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Beer & Spirituality at The Pour House

Not local?  Join our Zoom Group!

The Brew Crew meets online over Zoom to discuss how Jesus is depicted in scripture.  Grab your favorite craft beer, hop online and join the conversation!

Where:  Online via Zoom

When:  Sundays at 8 PM Central Time

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About Brewery Ministries

We create new ways to explore who Jesus is for those who currently feel like they don’t have a place to explore faith.  Many people want to connect with God but a church service may not appeal to them.  Others simply want a more casual discussion-based setting to explore in.  We aim to help meet these needs.  We want others to feel they can be open and honest with questions and doubts without fear of judgment; we believe God speaks to all of us and trust that each person is doing their best to find truth.

Our Approach:  We wanted to create a casual way for you to explore scripture by talking about it; there’s no presentation or sermon.  We’re about relationships.  Our discussion questions provide a little context to help you figure out what the original writers of scripture were trying to tell us.

Discuss Faith With Your Friends:

Want to start your own discussion with your friends, a small group or house church?  We’ve started releasing our discussion questions for other groups and individuals to use.  They’re 100% free!  If you’ve always wanted to have spiritual conversations with others but don’t feel like you have enough knowledge or skills, you’re in luck.  Our discussion guides are designed to enable anyone to start a group; they’ll provide context so you don’t need to do any prep work or have teaching skills.  The discussion guides will do all of the work.  Simply print off the discussion questions or pull them up on your phone and get some friends together.  Click here to view, download or print the discussion guides.

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