Join The Brewery Ministries Online Discussion Group

We’re excited to announce the new online discussion group from Brewery Ministries!  If you’re interested in exploring spiritual topics, Jesus and the Bible but aren’t sure where to begin, this group is perfect for you.  Brewery Ministries discussion groups are a casual, collaborative experience.  We’d love to hear your thoughts no matter what you believe.  Check out this short teaser below:

Who It’s For:  Our discussion groups are for people from any background including those who are non-religious and those who are experiencing doubt.  We won’t tell you what to believe; we just provide a place to explore and some interesting things to talk about.

Ages 21+

When?  Sunday evenings at 8 PM Central Time.  The group will meet weekly and each meeting will last 1 hour.

Where?  Join via Zoom using a link provided to your e-mail address (see below).

Format:  If you enjoy craft beer, bring your favorite beverage (not required).  We like to start off with an “icebreaker” by asking everyone to share what kind of beverage they chose.  Next we’ll break up into small groups using Zoom’s “breakout rooms” feature so you can discuss a few questions with your friends.  We’ll then reconvene in one large Zoom to hear some thoughts from each breakout room.  There are no sermons, lectures or singing; we may provide historical context or some interesting thoughts on the discussion sheet for you to reference, but we like to put you in charge of your own spiritual journey.

How To Join:  Just sign up using the form below.  You’ll receive a Zoom link via e-mail at least a few hours before each meeting.