Church In A Brewery Podcast

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Current Podcast Series:  Nathan, Jason, John and Nick are watching and discussing every episode of The Chosen series.  Watch the show and listen along with us!  You can watch the show using The Chosen app (available in most app stores), on Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire or on YouTube.  Send us your questions and comments on Facebook or Instagram and you might get a mention on the podcast!

Purpose of the series:  This series is meant to be an open discussion where we encourage the sharing of opinions regardless of theological views or beliefs.  It’s meant to be accessible to people of all faiths including those who consider themselves non-religious.  This type of discussion is not meant to focus so much on  theological accuracy, but is instead meant to intrigue and encourage all of us to explore questions of faith further.

About The Podcast:  The Church In A Brewery podcast is a place for us to work through tough spiritual questions that all of us wrestle with at some point in life.  Topics include evidence for the existence of God, tough Bible passages and spiritual themes in popular films.  Sometimes we invite guests from different religious perspectives, including those who are non-religious on the podcast.  It’s a window into the type of conversations we have at our weekly Church In A Brewery meeting at Augustino Brewing.  You’ll also learn about all sorts of weird and nerdy stuff as we dash down rabbit trails about music, beer, Nicolas Cage movies, video games and more.