Like podcasts on spirituality?  Brewery Ministries currently has two podcasts!  Check them out below:

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The Movies Are Spiritual podcast discusses spiritual concepts we find in popular movies like The Matrix, Batman, Marvel movies and more.  This series is intended to be a thought-provoking and entertaining way to begin exploring God.  It is intended for everyone from any background.  For those who don’t go to church or practice a faith, there are few places to explore God with others.  This podcast aims to help fill that void.  It’s abstract and casual, intriguing listeners to think about God in a new and unusual way.  The purpose of this podcast is not necessarily theological accuracy; instead it simply aims to spark curiosity and conversation.

The Brewery Ministries Podcast:

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About The Podcast:  The Church In A Brewery podcast is a place for us to work through tough spiritual questions that all of us wrestle with at some point in life.  Topics include evidence for the existence of God, tough Bible passages and spiritual themes in popular films.

Current Series:  Nathan, Jason, John and Nick are currently watching and discussing every episode of The Chosen series.  Watch the show and listen along with us!  You can watch the show using The Chosen app (available in most app stores), on Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire or on YouTube.  Send us your questions and comments on Facebook or Instagram and you might get a mention on the podcast!

Purpose of the series:  While the Movies Are Spiritual podcast serves as an introduction to spiritual exploration,  the Brewery Ministries podcast takes one step further.  This series focuses on examining Jesus and scripture.  While we believe theological accuracy is important, this podcast is more focused on open sharing and inspiring others to do their own research on questions of faith.  Sometimes we invite guests from different perspectives on the podcast, including those who are non-religious.  For us, this is an exercise in learning to discuss God with people from other viewpoints in a positive way.  We’re committed to bridging the gap between the non-religious and religious communities.