Free Discussion Guides

On this page you can download the discussion questions we develop and use them to start your own discussion group.  Feel free to modify them using Microsoft Word or any PDF editor to meet your specific needs.

About our discussion guides:   If you’re interested in having spiritual conversations with others but don’t feel like you have enough knowledge or skills, you’re in luck.  Our discussion guides are designed to enable anyone to explore with a friend or group.  They’re intended to be a more casual form of spiritual exploration that doesn’t feel like a church service; instead they’re a more collaborative experience that promotes open sharing.  We hope they’ll be useful for those who are spiritual and non-religious.  Here are some ways you might be able to use the discussion guides:

  • To explore faith with friends or family at your home, a coffee shop, restaurant or brewery
  • Start your own casual small group
  • As a casual alternative to a typical Bible study or Sunday School
  • Get creative!  Come up with a new way to use the discussion guides

These guides are not intended to promote a particular tradition or denomination.  Instead they encourage others to try to understand what the original writers of the Bible were trying to communicate in the context of their culture.  The discussion questions contain all of the historical background and context needed for discussion; they do not require a pastor or trained teacher.  Simply print off the discussion questions and start conversation.  No presentation or public speaking required (whew)!   We add more guides to our library regularly, so check back soon!

Download Free Discussion Guides:  Click on a series below

Exploring Jesus in the Book of Mark


Batman And Spirituality: Examine spiritual concepts from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy